Dr. Ratan Prakash, MBBS (PMCH, Patna)

Dr. Ratan Prakash, MBBS (PMCH, Patna) is currently serving Bihar Government Health Service at Public Health Hospital in the district of Hazipur. He has more than 30 Years of Experience in medical service to the mankind. Dr. Ratana Prakash is a philanthropist in nature and therefore has established a multi-specialty clinic for one point medical infrastructure above all medical treatment to the people of Bihar.

Dr. Ratan Prakash Clinic (Anisabad, Patna)

Dr. Ratan Prakash Clinic is committed to provide the best medical treatment and diagnosis facilities. Physician consultation Including ECG Test, Sugar Check-Up, Full body checkup facility is available in the same clinical premises.
Furthermore, it has a well-facilitated diagnostic center to provide medical treatment along with the diagnosis facility to the patients. Certainly, Dr. Ratan Prakash is the man behind the establishment of this medical facility center. Most noteworthy this is his effort to provide the best medical facilities including diagnosis facility at the same place, as a result to the residents of the Anisabad area in Patna.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Ratan Prakash Medical Clinic, for the reason that is committed to provide the highest quality of patient care. Our dedication and devotion to the art and science of healing, which supports every aspect of our mission and to the care, we give to our patients.
Care at Dr. Ratan Prakash Medical Clinic empasizes on diagnosing and treating patients of all ages while emphasizing preventative medicine and therefore the overall health and wellness of its patients. The clinic features state of the art equipment and trained staff which will optimize the care of every patient. We understand that many factors can affect health, including exercise, diet, environment, and heredity.
The clinic also performs pathological tests and recommended tests for comfortable of the patient. Consequently, patients will be comfortable for tests, further treatment, and therapy.

Our Mission

The mission of Dr. Ratan Prakash Clinic is to promote the health and well being of all our patients by providing accessible, high-quality medical care for all respective patients. Therefore our Clinic is committed to provide services that will exceed the expectations of our patients.
We believe that optimal health and performance. Often attained through the right balance of care, exercise, nutrition, and education. Our goal is to teach our patients also as treat them. Therefore, our services also will provide group classes and teaching sessions for our patients. Topics include nutrition, diabetes, hypertension and much more.
Our doctors focus on each case. After each medical service each patient are offered guidelines in rehabilitation, nutrition, and exercise because it relates to every particular case. Our goal is to make the foremost well-rounded experience for every patient to optimize their health.


Dr. Ratan Prakash Clinic always maintains privacy according to Government regulations and authority. All patients are provided with standard medical treatment practice. We always abide by the law of Our Government and above all the law of Nature.

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