An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure

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First of all, Bihar is the second most populated state in India. Therefore, the state does not have better medical facilities. In other words, the medical facility available is not sufficient enough for the population of Bihar. Due to the lack of a better medical system, the patients have no other choice than to travel to other cities in search of the right treatment and better medical infrastructure. But at the same time, this causes them considerable mental, financial and physical misery

Above all, there is a lack of a good diagnostic center in Patna. For instance, Dr. Ratan Prakash has set up a super-specialty diagnostic center as well as ECG Test in Patna. This medical center includes even more better medical facilities from Physician Consultation to diagnosis lab facility.

Dr. Ratan Prakash Clinic is committed to providing the best medical treatment and diagnosis facilities. Physician consultation Including ECG Test in Patna, Sugar Check-Up, Full body checkup facility is available in the same clinical premises.

It has a well-facilitated diagnostic center to provide medical treatment along with the diagnosis facility to the patients. Dr. Ratan Prakash is the man behind the establishment of this medical facility center. This is his effort to provide the best medical facilities including diagnosis facility at the same place, to the residents of Anisabad area in Patna.

An Electrocardiography (ECG) is a medical test that detects Heart (Cardiac) related abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts.

The results of your ECG will determine what treatment you need if any.
  •      Breathing Problem
  •      Chest Pain
  •      Weakness
  •      Unconsciousness
  •      Fast heartbeats

We have the latest ECG Testing medical facilities in our clinic at Anisabad, Patna, for the diagnosis of the patient with any of the above-mentioned symptoms. Well equipped ECG testing lab with qualified medical support staff, nurses and doctors to facilitate the best support and error-free reporting system.

In conclusion, the ECG test provided here is cost-effective. Updated reporting system. Well, calibrated machinery has similarly provided good diagnosis reporting. The patients of Patna have given overwhelmingly positive feedback. After that, the patients have also referred to others about this medicine. Therefore we are delighted to serve a large number of patients each day.

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