Blood Sugar Test Is Why So Necessary?

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Blood Sugar Test Is Why So Necessary?


Blood Sugar Test:- How and When To Check

Blood Sugar Test well, most of the people diabetes need to check Sugar levels(glucose) regularly. The results assist you and your doctor manages those levels, which helps you avoid diabetes complications.

There are several ways to check your blood sugar:

From Your Fingertip: You prick your finger with a little, sharp needle (called a lancet) and put a drop of blood on a test strip. Then you set the test strip into a meter that shows your blood sugar level.

You get leads to but 15 seconds and may store this information for future use. Some meters can tell you your average blood sugar level over a period of your time and show you charts and graphs of your past test results. you’ll get blood Sugar meters and strips at your local pharmacy.

Meters That Test Other Sites: Newer meters allow you to test sites aside from your fingertips, like your upper arm, forearm, the bottom of the thumb, and thigh. you’ll get different results than from your fingertip.

Blood sugar levels within the fingertips show changes more quickly than those in other testing sites. this is often very true when your blood glucose is rapidly changing, like after a meal or after exercise.

If you’re checking your sugar once you have symptoms of hypoglycemia, you ought to use your fingertip if possible, because these readings are going to be more accurate.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System: These devices, also called interstitial glucose (Sugar Level) measuring devices, are combined with insulin pumps. They’re almost like finger-stick glucose results and may show patterns and trends in your results over time.

When Should I Test My Blood Sugar?

You may get to check your blood sugar level several times each day, like before meals or exercise, at bedtime, before driving, and once you think your blood sugar levels are low.

Everyone is different, so ask your doctor when and the way often you ought to check your Sugar Level. If you’re sick, you’ll likely get to test your blood glucose more often.

What Affects Your Results i.e Sugar Test

If you’ve got certain conditions, like anemia or gout, or if it’s hot or humid or you’re at a high altitude, which will affect your blood glucose levels.

If you retain seeing unusual results, recalibrate your meter and check the test strips.

The chart below gives you a thought of where your blood glucose level should be throughout the day. Your ideal blood glucose range could also be different from another person’s and can change throughout the day.

Time of Test Ideal for Adults With Diabetes

Before meals 70-130 mg/dL After meals Less than 180 mg/dL

When Should I Call Doctor About My Blood Sugar?

Ask your doctor about your target blood glucose range, and make an idea for a way to handle blood glucose readings that are either too high or too low and when to call your doctor. Study the symptoms of high or low blood glucose, and know what you’ll do if you start to possess symptoms.

How Do I Record My blood glucose Test Results?

Keep good records of any blood, urine, or ketone tests you are doing. Most glucose monitors even have a memory. Your records can provide you with a warning to any problems or trends.

These test records help your doctor make any needed changes in your diet plan, medicine, or exercise program. Bring these records with you each time you see your doctor.

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